About Name.archi

A warm welcome to name.archi, a world-class domain name analyzer. Now, analyze the architecture of various domain names, as name.archi allows you to play with all the possible domain name extensions.

From .builders & .church to .cab domain name extensions, now you can choose the one specific to your business. If your friends administer or manage any web related business, the chances are high that they have used name.archi to analyze various domain names before finalizing that perfect one they fell in love with.

If you are looking for finding a great domain name for your business, first analyze the ones that are troubling you all these days.

Name.archi combines powerful features with ease of use. It creates an elaborate domain architecture chart, and several other decoding functions to assist you with finding the best domain name for your business.

We are always there to assist you if you are looking for the intrinsic details of various domain names. Generate a detailed “Architecture Report” with various indices & other enlisted details.

Enjoy the taste of letters from other languages, explore interesting letters from history, and express your domain name with hand signs. Discover interesting facts about various domain names for personal or commercial purposes.

Use name.archi today. Choose a right domain name for your business.

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